Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election and NLG


Many of us woke up to a reality different from the one we expected. Many have expressed deep mourning and fear. However, as a progressive legal community, we know that regardless of what the outcome would've been, we would still be standing in solidarity and providing legal support to movements.

As an organization that values human rights over property interests, the National Lawyers Guild's relentless defense of those rights will always be needed. As our nearly 80 years as an organization have shown, we will resist and we will overcome. In response to possible deepening government abuse and repression, peoples' movements will develop creative strategies to resist, organize, and hold corporate and government officials accountable. We will collectively learn new ways of defiance and as we have stood in solidarity with peoples' democratic movements across the world, they will stand now with us. We will openly question the legitimacy of our government when necessary. We will support those who disobey it's institutions when necessary. We will create alternatives to oppressive institutions and structures. We will call out and hold accountable those with tyrannical dispositions. We will organize and educate and teach with a new passion and focus. We will build community in ways perhaps we haven't yet needed to, and it will be transformative for our work. We are not the first nor the last to face the threat of enhanced repressive tactics targeting communities of color, LGBTTIQ, people with disabilities, women and gender-non conforming individuals, Muslims and immigrants, and we will overcome it together.

In Solidarity,
Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan
President, National Lawyers Guild

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